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D&W has the capability to provide any type of edge work to mirror and glass.  There are industry terms and there are internal terms for the same types of edge work.  Below are pictures and descriptions for the main types of edge work that D&W can provide.  D&W terms are listed first with other industry terms that are commonly used in parenthesis.

Clean Cut Edge : No edge work to the piece.  The edges are sharp and need to be handled with care.

Swiped Edge (Seamed Edge) :  This edge work is a clean cut piece that has had the sharp edges wet sanded down for handling safety.  The edges have slight arris (chamfer or small bevel) that is frosted or cloudy in appearance.  Both the Clean Cut and Swiped Edges typically go in frames.


Polished Edge (Pencil Grind) : This type of edge work has a curvature to it and appears frosted or milky.  This type of edge work is typically left unframed.


High Polished Edge (Pencil Polish) : This type of edge work has a curvature to it and appears optically clear.  This is a very high quality edge that adds a diamond like brilliance to the edges.


Flat Polished Edge :  This type of edge work is optically clear and adds a diamond like brilliance to the edges.  The edge work, like the name implies, is flat while the edges have an arris (very small bevel) that is also polished.


Bevel : for more information on bevel, please see the bevel page.  This type of edge work has a polished top side where the material has been removed to create an angle (or chamfer) and the exterior edge is polished.  This is the most common type of edge work for a frameless mirror.  D&W is capable of straight and curved bevels.