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D&W, Inc. has upgraded its bevellors!  There are now have 4 Bavelloni Max 80 Bevellors capable of bevelling to the strictest of standards.  D&W is able to a minimum of 2.5" and a maximum of 93" with a maximum square footage of 30 s/f.  With some of the most experienced operators in the industry, you can count on every bevel meeting and exceeding all standards.

D&W has also added a 4 axis CNC Shape Beveller capable of handling any shape bevelling requirements. 


Bevel Widths Available

Mirror/Glass                        Weight                     Bevel Width up to:

3mm                         1.25 lbs / square foot                     5/8" 

4mm                         1.67 lbs / square foot                       1"

5mm                         2.45 lbs / square foot                     1.5" 

6mm                         3.01 lbs / square foot                    2.25"