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D&W is constantly adding to our antique line. The Voile Series (new name for 2019) consists of the antique patterns made in house on the silvering line. In addition, D&W can create any antique pattern through the use of digital printing and subtle manipulations to the silvering line. With a combination of the two processes, customers can have any antique at an affordable price.

Voile Series:

The Voile series of antique mirror is made on D&W’s silvering line using proprietary techniques of silver deposition. Characterized by it’s one-of-a-kind cloudy appearance, the Voile series has been used everywhere from homes to hospitality, to casinos and clubs.

  • #3 - Voile Doux : A soft antique pattern with hints of browns.

  • #5 Voile Clair : Heavier than #3 with fewer browns. Some green tinges come through at times.

  • #10 - Voile Moyen : Heavier pattern than #5 with browns and greens coming through the haze with a relatively bright silver

  • #20 - Voile Profund : Colors are more muted in the Profund and the silver is darker. Small spots of intense black

  • #50 - Voile Fort : D&W’s heaviest antique. Strong blacks with hints of green burst to the surface. Dark browns and blacks mix in the medium areas and contrast is heaviest in this pattern

  • #12 - Voile Briller : D&W’s #10 pattern on acid etched glass. A one of kind finish not seen anywhere else. Reflections are obscured making this a great choice for furniture and decorative pieces. The antique has a sparkle to it not found on any other type of antique.

D&W, Inc. has developed a proprietary process that allows us to manufacture antique mirror in an extremely efficient, high quality format.  D&W is a superior antique mirror manufacturer due to the attention to quality, our consistency, and our cost advantage.   Unlike hand-made antique mirror, D&W antique mirror is created on a silvering line.  By producing the antique reproduction mirror on a line, the quality of the mirror is able to be controlled to an extremely tight set of parameters.  D&W antique mirror undergoes the same CASS and salt spray testing that flat mirror undergoes.  D&W currently manufactures 5 distinct patterns with more antique mirror patterns to follow  There are no "lines" or "repeat patterns" in each sheet so it looks as though it were handmade.  Finally, D&W can create antique mirror in sizes up to and including 72" x 130" .  D&W and can make thousands of square feet of antique mirror each day.  For any of your antique mirror needs, D&W is the clear choice.