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D&W is now able to deliver 2000 lb cases of mirror in any size up to 72" x 130" delivered on our trucks and unloaded using a crane system.  We can unload at your shop or job site and do not need a loading dock.

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D&W, Inc. ships glass and mirror nationwide as well as internationally using their fleet of delivery vehicles including the newly acquired semi shown below.  Our mirror and glass is carefully packed using wooden crates,  L-Bucks as well as metal racks when applicable.  D&W, Inc. recycles and reuses all packaging material whenever possible to reduce our dependence on natural resources as well as reducing costs for our customers.

  • Wood LTL Crate
  • Wood Sling Pack Crate
  • Wood LTL Crate with A-Frame
  • UPS Crate
  • Returnable Wood L-Buck
  • Returnable Metal Rack
  • Corrugated Box  
  • Individual/Custom Packaging Option -  Available upon request!


Volvo Semi-1.jpg